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Show up at a job site and follow the plans blindly?

Already in the pre-construction phase, we add significant value to your project:

  • Solid recommendations for your engineering plans
  • A lighting plan that configures the ideal lumen output to create the desired mood
  • Procuring quality fixtures from reliable manufacturers
  • Suggestions that often shave 10% or more off labor and material costs
  • They never
    hold up
    a project - Ray Builders
    With 92 employees working in 19 highly proficient crews, we’ve got our bases covered. We’ll send 10 crews if we need to. Your timetable is our bible; we follow it religiously.
  • They don’t
    mistakes- Maurice Zekaria
    You don’t just need the job done. You need it done right. The first time. Errors are costly and hazardous. Berkowatts has an airtight chain of command. We know the code cold, we know what inspectors want to see, and we deliver. Precisely.
  • Never on
    the punch
    list- Seth Haber
    Berkowatts’ employees will gladly come back for final touches, if needed. But with our focus on perfection, that’s not likely to happen. If punch lists are an unavoidable part of construction life, at least yours won’t include electric.

Always charged and at the ready

From sitework to interiors, Berkowatts has the electrical backbone to handle every aspect of your project, including the snags. With our fleet of specialized vehicles, temporary generators, and a well-stocked warehouse, our crews never stall.

  • Not part of the scheduling nightmare - Chaim Dubin
    Construction sites have lots of moving parts, and we understand how to integrate well with the other trades. When you need to reschedule, we try hard to accommodate you.
  • Very fair on the extras- Ezriel Munk
    Minds change. Plans change. Someone suggests upgrading, but it must work with the budget. Run it by us, and let’s see what we can do. With Berkowatts, you’ll never feel gypped.
  • They ensure profitability- Mark Chopp
    Even the smallest miscalculation on our part could bite into the developer’s profit margin. We get that. Our commitment to keep the job moving keeps New Jersey’s best builders coming back, again and again.

Your utility liaison,
from contract to hook-up

We’re honored to have an excellent rapport with the dedicated staff at New Jersey’s utility companies. We work out every detail with your local company — from drawing lines to scheduling to billing — leaving you out of it.

Electrical Projects

What’s your next electrical project?

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