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To energize others,
we start by energizing our own team.

Our team is supercharged with a fire pulsing within. Each apprentice, mechanic and journeyman sees a clear path to promotion. Strong work ethic is recognized and rewarded, equitably for all.

Founder's Message

When we started out in 2010,
there were just twelve of us.
Twelve guys, one goal.

We were going to alleviate the headaches builders face every day — and night.
We’d be the neatest, cleanest electrical contractors out there.
We’d be everything they dreamed of in a sub---and then wow them with more.
We did it. Not me. Not myself. We all did the hard things, and did them well.
In this company, we’re in it together and we grow together. Even now that we’ve grown tenfold, our goal is exactly the same. Alleviate headaches for the builder.
Thank you for visiting our company today. I’d really like to meet you in person. Next time you’re in the area, stop by and we’ll chat about how we can partner to bring fresh energy to your next project. - Israel Berkowitz


We had just three months to build a 3.5 million dollar campus from scratch. We couldn’t be held up for even a half-hour. Berkowatts was there right along with the masons, pulling the lines while they were pouring the foundation. And we were in for school-opening in September. Rabbi Mordechai BirnbaumBais Yaakov

Their workers never give me attitude. That’s so important to me. I can ask them for a favor, and they’ll just do it. And they have great foremen; every one of them is great. Seth HaberRay Builders

The reason we use Berkowatts is because they really know how to knock out a job. They come properly staffed, with great foremen and a bunch of guys, and their work is extremely clean and professional. We know we won’t have issues later on. Jack KlugmannCEO Accurate Builders & Developers

Promoting from within promotes excellence

Our strong record of promoting from within keeps our employees fully charged and eager to jump on any task.

Promoted! Seven original Berkowatts crew members are managers or crew heads today!
  • P. Precision
    Neat, taut wiring and precise installations are Berkowatts trademarks. We leave clearly labeled controls that anyone in the field will recognize, so inspections, repairs and future changes are no big deal.
  • A.Accountability
    Bottom-up and top-down. Berkowatts employees are trained to approach managers with any irregularity they encounter. Management is accessible and accountable for the safety and well-being of employees.
  • C.Communication
    With clients. With utility companies. With other subs at the site. With team members. Along with electrical training, employees are trained to develop exemplary communication skills. We keep crews together to develop intuitive methods of tackling each task.
  • T.Timetable
    At our weekly Friday meetings, we plan the next two weeks, shifting crews to ensure each location is on schedule. We never prioritize based on profitability; 20K or 20 million-dollar projects are completed with identical efficiency.

Jobsite Safety

1. OSHA Compliant

Safety gear and equipment are kept in excellent condition and replaced frequently. We adhere to all OSHA guidelines and participate in many voluntary programs.

2. First-Day Training

Our safety site manager reviews the basics of electrical and equipment safety with new employees, and then administers multi-lingual tests to ensure retention.

3. Avoid-Live Planning

We avoid the risk of electric shock by coordinating power-off times with inhabitants and the other trades at the site so there’s rarely a need to work live.

4. Hazard Identification Program

Employees are trained to monitor, identify, and report jobsite hazards. Management is accountable to control or eliminate reported hazards.

5. Fall-Prevention Program

Falls are the most common workplace injury and — we believe — the most preventable. Our rigorous fall-prevention program includes PFAS (personal fall arrest systems), guardrails, and safety-net systems for rooftop work.

Sustainable Energy

Modern greener, cleaner building solutions offer an array of energy-efficient savings, but many people are hesitant to risk the unfamiliar. As our clients’ trusted guide, we explain the options and cost-analyze upfront investments with long-term savings.

1. Commitment to solar energy

We educate and encourage clients to utilize renewable energy. While solar only amounted to 10% of our jobs in 2013, by 2018 we ranked as NJ's seventh busiest solar installer. That's a lot of our clientele making the move to solar!

2. LED lighting

We encourage LED lighting solutions and demonstrate savings.

3. Recycling

We reduce waste by diverting metal waste to scrapyards.

4. Lighting control systems

We install timers, occupancy sensors and lighting control systems that result in significant long-term energy savings.

5. Vehicle charging stations

We make it easier for NJ residents to switch to electric cars by installing charge stations in their home garages.

Who's Who At Berkowatts

Israel Berkowitz CEO
Chucky Davidowitz Operations Manager
Daniel Epstein Solar Field Manager
Sruly Harnik Project Manager
Chaim Kaluszyner Plans Coordinator
Rolo Mena Project Manager
Bentzi Raber Solar Dep.artment Manager
Avrumi Rosner Solar Field Manager
Tovia Spira Senior Project Manager
Aharon Ungarischer Fleet Manager
Osher Wiedermann Operations Manager

Energizing Our Communities

Berkowatts proudly sponsors charitable events and initiatives. It's our way of giving back to our communities!

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