Solar Panels

Get your PV system installed right

When it’s time to install your new solar panels, you’ll want to know that it’s done right. Berkowatts Electric designs and installs PV systems for homes and commercial facilities just about every day of the year. We work with materials from most manufacturers, and we guarantee our work.

Using the SunEye to design PV systems

With the SunEye, a tool manufactured by Solmetric, our technician measures the amount of shade on your property at different times of the day.
This information is used for two purposes:
1. to determine if solar panels would work for you
2. to design the PV system’s layout

See some of our recent solar panel installations and the feedback from our clients:

Our Solar Projects

Getting info about grants, rebates, and other $0 down offers for solar

To help you take advantage of the newest state and federal programs for your locale (in NY or NJ), Berkowatts Electric works hand-in-hand with the solar financing experts at Arosa Solar. Arosa Solar keeps track of all the latest deals and promotions and, best of all, they do all the paperwork to help you apply. At the Berkowatts end, we design your PV system, recommend PV materials, and install it, connecting to your existing electrical infrastructure.

All you have to do to get the energy ball rolling is contact us today. We‘ll put you in touch with a solar financing expert!

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Purchasing your own supplies and having us install the system

If you’re the type to take the initiative and purchase your own PV materials, we’ll gladly install them for you, anywhere in NY or NJ.

Brands we recommend for solar panels:
ET Solar
Suntec Solar
Rec Solar
Trina Solar
Canadian Solar
Yinglis Solar
Brands we recommend for inverters:
SMA Inverters
Satcon Inverters
Power 1 Inverters
Fronius Inverters

Install my PV System

Maintain your PV system‘s efficiency!

Solar Sparkle conducts diagnostic testing on PV systems, and cleans and repairs the system for maximum performance.

Find out more about going solar

With solar panels materializing atop buildings, homes, boats, cars and even lampposts across the world, going solar has become quite popular. It’s the smart thing to do. If you have a spot that gets a fair amount of sunlight, there’s never been a better time to use natural power. Of course, your regular electrical wiring stays in place for times when you need more energy.

Incentives make solar energy more affordable than you think

As the benefits of solar energy become clear, federal and state governments nationwide have made it a priority to make solar energy affordable. Also, using a power purchase agreements (PPA), private investors will allow you to lease a PV system for a low monthly fee. That means you can lock into an electric rate that is less than what you pay now, and pay absolutely nothing for the installation.

There are lots of reasons to go solar

Good for your health
Solar energy is clean energy, produced without polluting our environment. Less gas emissions will mean less asthma attacks and crisp, clean air to breathe.

Good for our planet
As long as the sun continues to rise, we get a brand new source of energy every single day. Using renewable energy is whole lot smarter than burning our planet’s limited fossil fuels.

Good for your wallet
Electricity costs rise between 4-7% every year. The sun, however, never sends you an invoice. Your initial investment in solar panels will pay for itself many times over. Not only will you save money on your electric bill, you may even be able to earn SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) and sell your extra electricity to your local utility company.

Good for our economy
How do you like being dependent on oil-rich foreign countries for your everyday needs? Independent energy sources put our economy right back where we want it - in our own hands!

How do I know if solar panels will work for me?

Like most good things in life, solar isn’t for everyone. For example, if your property can’t get much sunlight, it may not be a worthwhile investment. The best way to know? Get an honest assessment of your property.

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