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The Berkowatts Count

Eleven trucks fully equipped with brand new tools. Twenty skilled electricians keeping up with the ever-changing code. Hundreds of lighting fixtures available for immediate installation. More than three MWs of solar installed in the last three years. Over fifty thousand square feet of new wiring per month.

One maestro, supervising it all

Israel Berkowitz

In 1993 Israel Berkowitz found his calling

Electricity. It spoke to him. It zapped him. It harnessed his considerable energy and penchant for detail. By the time the year was up, two things had happened; he was being sent to the most challenging work sites in town, and he had learned to satisfy the inspectors, precisely.

After that, things seemed to move at the speed of light

He acquired licensing, insurance and a truckload of brand new equipment, and marked the genesis of Berkowatts Electric. Berkowatts won numerous contracts in quick succession, and clients liked working with Israel and his crew. They appreciated the up-to-the minute knowledge of legal code, the speedy, neat work, and Israel’s magnanimous personality, which expands as the company grows!

Today, Berkowatts Electric is just the right size company

We’ve got over 20 electricians on our team; that’s enough manpower to handle several worksites simultaneously. Yet, it’s still contained enough to communicate instantly and keep efficiency at its peak. And, more importantly, Israel Berkowitz still holds the cables, and he directly supervises every project.

Berkowatts and your electrical blueprints

A decade in industrial and commercial electrical contracting has proven that no two jobs are ever exactly alike. Before we touch the first wire, we’ll scrutinize the architect’s blueprints. Usually, we can find ways to save you money, often in the tens of thousands of dollars! If you like, we can even draw the electrical blueprints from the get-go, and you’ll save even more.

Have you got a challenge for Berkowatts?

The Berkowatts team thrives on challenges, and estimates are always free. So, if you’re on the lookout for a reliable industrial and commercial electrical contractor, let us know.
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